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The MacPherson's Clan Summer-Time Planner:


Enjoy the Island Enviroment


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On the island you are never more than twenty minutes away from water at any given point. Go ahead, get out there and hunt for the most sandiest, least crowded beach. Don your bathing suit & enjoy the crisp cool water. What a great way to cool off on a hot humid day. Cool down, go get wet!


There are plenty of opportunities for boat rides. See if you can hitch a ride at the local dock. Each local warf has its own attractions. Some are lined with stores and places to eat. You will have to get up very early, to go fishing on a boat. Fisherman rise well be for dawn. The fishermen catch lobsters and crabs. Some even try for the big ones, the tuna, but instead you can try jigging.


Return to Water:


A day at the beach is not all swimming. Try digging for clams. Plan to have them for supper. You can spot them buried in the sand by two little holes they make while breathing. Remember to toss back the small ones. It is illegal to take the young, you could be fined. Clams must be bigger than the size of an adult's palm. Or you could collect rocks or seashells.


To find out when events on the Island are, go to Tourism P.E.I.
We are happy to relax and spend time with all our friends and relatives.
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by Sharon Wilson

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