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The MacPherson's Clan Summer-Time Planner:


Get Out Explore

Tour Your Surrondings:

The country side is very beautiful. Take the time, drive around and

see the sites. There are light house you can view, some offer tours. Click the menu button below and open links in a new tab to explore places to visit.

Visit the country side:

Climb to the top, see the view. Or you can explore a country lane, but be careful on those back dirt roads. Some lead to farmers fields others may be dead ends.


Take a long walk:

Put on your walking shoes and see the local scenes. Notice the sky first, to avoid any rain or bad weather. Stroll down lanes, picking boutiques of wild flowers. Watch out for bees and bugs though. Take your time and notice the remarkable views.

Enjoy the air:

Breathe in deep as you explore. Take notice of the sights, feast on all of nature's wonders. Crisp, clean air is an invigorating way to push your troubles away. Life is good! Do not walk so far that you can't make it back. Although a kindly islander would probably offer you a ride home.


To find out when events on the Island are, go to Tourism P.E.I.
We are happy to relax and spend time with all our friends and relatives.
Friends & Family Keep in Touch Here!

by Sharon Wilson

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