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The MacPherson's Clan Summer-Time Planner:


Pub Hopping:

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Lynn Gale Kathy James Sharon Kristen Joan Sally

The Olde Dublin:

has been one of our favorite haunts since we were old enough to enjoy a pub. The owners have changed hands a couple of times but the atmosphere is still the same. We always run into someone we know but go with a group of friends to add to the fun.

The Beer Gardens:

it has that down east atmosphere we love in a pub. The food is great, so kick back, have a drink and order some food. Join in on the conversations around you, the people are friendly, don't be

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Rum Runners:

If you are looking for a quiet place try the Rum Runners. Here you can hear yourself and others talk. This is a great place to meet up with friends. Conversations will not be interrupted. It is a lounge, with couches. All of these places are situated close to one another so hop around. Start at Rum Runners so urgent converstion can be heard. Next try visiting the Merchantman and eat a delicous meal.End at The Olde Dublin where the party will go into full swing.
Water Street The Olde Dublin
Fig. 6. Water Street, Charlottetown Fig. 5. Prince Street, Charlottetown

To find out when events on the Island are, go to Tourism P.E.I.
We are happy to relax and spend time with all our friends and relatives.
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by Sharon Wilson

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