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The MacPherson's Clan Summer-Time Planner:


Visit a Farm:


Find a nearby farm and drop by and ask for a tour. Please wear old shoes or watch where you step there are animals about. Visit the barns, notice the smell. Pig manure is the worst, it smells for miles
Fig. 18. & Fig. 23.


Horses will be in fields too. Stand by the fence and watch. They may wander over. Carefully pet them, but don not let them bite. Stay in front where you won't get kicked. Never try to ride a strange horse.

Instead search for a Riding Ranch

where they are set up for the public ride.

Fig. 19. & Fig. 24.


On hot summer days cows graze in the fields, they try to find shade under a tree. Usually they mind their own business, absently looking out for any threats. Do not get too close or make too much noise. If they spook they can run fast and jump fences. Watch out!

Fig. 20. & Fig. 25.

To find out when events on the Island are, go to Tourism P.E.I.
We are happy to relax and spend time with all our friends and relatives.
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by Sharon Wilson

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