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The MacPherson's Clan Summer-Time Planner:


Interactive Map

Prince Edward Island Interactive Map

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What to expect?

Body of salt water.
Sandy waterfronts strechting for miles.

coldFig. 21. Socialize with cold cool beverages enjoyed with humourous stories.
Position your mouse on the glass to find out about Ceilidhs.

Discover where you can enjoy a Ceilidh by opening the link provided below in a new tab for a more in depth exploration.

Or try Kaylee Hall-Delhi Centre Auditorium in Prince Edward Island Address: 2316 Pooles Corner, Cardigan, PE C0A 1G0 Phone: (902) 838-4399

Other Links?

To find out when events on the Island are, go to Tourism P.E.I.
We are happy to relax and spend time with all our friends and relatives.
Friends & Family Keep in Touch Here!

by Sharon Wilson

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